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One of the oddities of publishing is that you end up with old “new” copies of issue that were never sold…vintage, mint-condition copies that have resided, in our case, in boxes in a storage closet. A couple of years ago, we started cleaning out the closets in the publishing offices at the depot and found a dozen boxes of miscellaneous back issues, which we pulled out, put into plastic sleeves to protect them, and then put them back into the storage closet while we tried to decide what, precisely, we were going to do with them. While the majority were in pristine condition, some had marred (printing smears) or yellowing covers. Most were from the last five years of TSC, although there were a scattered few from the first fifteen.  Before Christmas, we decided it was finally time to sell them off and use the proceeds to help cover the cost of repainting Helen Dorsett’s depot.