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In the realm of miniatures, Dorsett Publications, LLC is home of The Scale Cabinetmaker: A Journal for Miniaturists, The Best of TSC book series, The Cabinetmaker’s Guides book series. This family-owned business began with the passion of Helen Dorsett for art, architecture, and miniatures combined with the drafting, toolmaking, and writing skills of James “Jim” Dorsett. Currently, it is their daughter, Margaret (Meghan) Dorsett who works to keep their vision alive by continuing the publication of existing works and the development of future ones.

Miniatures are a combination of art and science that make the perfect hobby for adults and a world of experimentation for the young in heart and in age. In order to encourage the skills and knowledge required to navigate the world of miniatures, there are some basic building toys provided for shoppers. What better way to introduce the next generation to the joys of miniatures than through play that helps them shape needed skills?

The “brick and mortar” part of Dorsett Publications contains no brick or mortar. Instead, it is housed in the Christiansburg Train Station in Christiansburg, VA. This building, now in the historic registry, was saved from condemnation through the efforts of Helen Dorsett. She, Jim and Meghan then proceeded to restore the building to its current state and much of the proceeds from the company go into maintaining this piece of history.

This train station is featured in one of the volumes of TSC in 1/4″ scale and, it is a sight to behold. The unique structure and architecture of the building bring in tourists from around the world just to see how it is put together. While in the building, people can also see the display of models created by Jim and Helen Dorsett that were the prototypes for the models in the various issues of TSC. They can also see the tools used, including those that were built by the Dorsett’s when something was needed but did not yet exist.

If you are traveling and will be in the vicinity, please give a call and let us take you on a tour through a magnificent building and of the history of miniatures from the perspective of The Scale Cabinetmaker.

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