I really don’t know much about miniatures, but I do know about feeding miniaturists. This is my page for sharing some of my favorite recipes. We made for a strange household (Meghan & I) when it came to food. She had the classic mid-west palate of her parents (Jim and Hellen) who grew up in Kansas, while my palate stayed “hot” on the trail of my Louisiana born-n-bred family. If I had bought stock in Tabasco Sauce when we first got together, I’d probably have recouped some of the loses.

There’s no telling what will show up here and I’ll welcome you to join me in this creative process. Just send your favorite recipes to me at calindstrom@thescalecabinetmaker.com . In particular, foods that might fit best with your miniature working habits. Please add a note as to why you like the particular dish. Even miniaturists have to eat, right?

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