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About The Cabinetmaker’s Guides

In 1964, Helen Bennett Dorsett published the first of what would become a 10 book series, The Cabinetmaker’s Guide to Dollhouse Furniture: Victorian. Many of the patterns included in that first and second books were based on the furniture in her mother’s house in Peabody, Kansas. The Guides provide enough patterns, in a specific style, to fill a two bedroom dollhouse, including a living room or parlor, a dining room or a kitchen, and two bedrooms. All plans and patterns, with the exception of the Half Inch Book, are an inch to the foot (1″:1′) scale. Each plan includes a bill of materials, so you can order the supplies you need without having to guess.

A final note about the Guides. There are very few duplicate patterns between The Cabinetmaker’s Guides and The Scale Cabinetmaker. The development of the initial Guides (Volumes 1 and 2) predates The Scale Cabinetmaker. While the others were developed while TSC was being published, they were and remain separate publications.