Jacobean and William & Mary Furniture (Volume 3)



(Note: these are large files and downloads will take a while. The photos are not the highest of quality because it is the drawings that are of prime importance.)


  • SECTION I: General Construction Methods and Terms.
  • SECTION II: PLANS: Seat Back Side Chair; Seat Back Arm Chair; Brewster-Type High Chair; Carver Side Chair; Carver Arm Chair; Joined (Or Joint) Stool: Wainscot Chair; Cromwellian Chair; Slot & Pin Candle Pin: 17th Century Form or Bench; 17th Century Stretcher Table; Trestle Stand: Turned Trestle Stand; Turned Cross-Base Candle Stand: Chamfered Cross-Base Candle Stand; William & Mary Desk On Frame; Six Board Chest; Cradle; Rail and Stile Blanket Chest; William & Mary Blanket Chest: Hudson Valley Hutch Table; South Jersey Settle; North Shore Dresser; Under Eaves Bed; Trundle Bed; Tester Bed; and William & Mary Wing Chair.