The Best of The Scale Cabinetmaker Volume 4: Dollhouse Power Supplies



(Note: these are large files and downloads will take a while. The photos are not the highest of quality because it is the drawings that are of prime importance.)


    • Dollhouse Power Supplies (Wm. T. Roubal),
    • Combating the Burned Out Lamp: Voltage & Resistance in Miniature Lighting (Jim & Harriet Jedlicka),
    • Multi-Display Workhorse Transformer (James H. Dorsett),
    • Regulated Power Supply for Miniature Settings (Glenn Botto),
    • Variable Voltage Power Supply (Wm. T. Roubal),
    • Power Supply in a Coal Shed (James H. Dorsett),
    • Using Voltage Dropping Resistors & Light Emitting Diodes (Wm. T. Roubal), and
    • Lighting Shadows to Scale (Jim & Harriet Jedlicka).