The Cabinetmaker’s Guide (Volume 10): Shaker Furniture (1790-1850)



(Note: these are large files and downloads will take a while. The photos are not the highest of quality because it is the drawings that are of prime importance.)


  • I: CONSTRUCTION METHODS AND NOTES General Construction Methods, Construction Notes & Bills of Material.
  • II: ELEVATION DRAWINGS: Child’s Six Board Chest, Child’s Small Footed Chest, One Drawer Blanket Chest, Two Drawer Blanket Chest, Small Case of Drawers, Three Step Stool, Two Step Stool, Carpeted Foot Bench, Dining and Meeting House Bench, Keyed-Tenon Short Bench, Kitchen Bench/Table with Drawers, Three Slat Chair, Two Slat Dining Chair, New Lebanon Arm Chair, New Lebanon Rocking Chair, Small Trestle Table, Community Dining Table, Six Square Dining Table, Sister’s Shop Table, Stretcher-Based Drop-Leaf Table, Low Work Table, Rimmed Top Stand, Adjustable Candle Stand, Round Candlestand, Workstand with Cyma Legs, Sewing Stand, Small Sewing Chest, Sewing Desk, Drop-Leaf Sewing Table, Swivel Sewing Stool, School Desk, School Bench, School Hanging Book Rack or Shelf, High Cupboard/Chest, Washstand, Trustee’s Desk, Low Bed, and Bed