TSC Vol. 09 Issue 1



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Contents of this issue include:

  • Changing Times: A 1930 Americana Kitchen by Helen Dorsett;
    • Kitbashing Mini Reproduction’s Stove and Refrigerator;
    • Economy Breakfast Set from Sears, Roebuck;
    • Utility Furniture: Six-Board Shelf and Stool;
  • Beginner’s Workbench: Basic Furniture Joinery with Hand Tools (Part 3) Locating and Preparing Dowel Joints;
  • In Search of a Face with Skew and Gouge: Hand Carving a Canadian Art Nouveau Rocker by James Dorsett;
  • What Makes a Pump Pump?: Yard and Pitcher Pumps in Two Scales by Ruth Armstrong;
  • Some Topics on Dollhouse Lighting: Using Voltage Dropping Resistors and Light Emitting Diodes by William T. Roubal;
  • Lyre Back Italian Settee by William Miller


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