The Best of The Scale Cabinetmaker Volume 1: The Toys of Christmas



(Note: these are large files and downloads will take a while. The photos are not the highest of quality because it is the drawings that are of prime importance.)


The Toys At Christmas: An Introduction (Jim Dorsett & Meghan Dorsett).

PROJECT ARTICLES: 19th Century Noah’s Ark (Helen Dorsett), 19th Century Nuremberg Kitchen (Helen Dorsett), 1858 Greiner Doll and 1867 Crandall Doll Carriage (Helen Dorsett), 1870 Operating Kaleidoscope (Ruth Armstrong), 1877 Bentwood Sled (Helen Dorsett), 1886 Two-Wheel Pull Cart (Helen Dorsett), 1914 Speedway Roadster (Jim Dorsett), 1929 Child’s Vanity Dresser (Helen Dorsett), 1935 Fiberboard Doll House (Helen & Meghan Dorsett), 1940’s Artificial Christmas Tree (Helen Dorsett)

TECHNIQUE ARTICLES: The Cabinetmaker’s Notebook: Preparing Tinstock (Ruth Armstrong) Techniques for Bending Wood (Don Peck & Helen Dorsett), Nature of Cuprous Metals: Copper, Brass, and Bronze (Al Atkins), Photo Etching and Scratchboards (Jim Jedlicka & Jack Reifel), Soldering Tools and Techniques (Jim Dorsett), and Scroll-cutting (Suzanne Russo)


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