TSC Vol. 01 Issue 4



(Note: these are large files and downloads will take a while.)

Contents of this issue include:

  • A Connecticut Colonial: The Whitman House; Conclusion
  • Whitman House Retrospective: A Verbal and Pictorial Review
  • Dyeing with Natural Dyes by Helen Dorsett
  • Knee-Deep In June: Leisure Furniture in the Early 1900’s
  • Flat-Woven Porch/Lawn Swing; Adirondack Chair; Sling or Deck Chair
  • Of Castles and Kitchens: A Five Piece Kit Modification; Part 1; Ice Box; St. Regis Cabinet; Steel Kitchen Range; Sink and Pitcher Pump; Utility Table
  • The Cabinetmaker’s Shop Manual: Wood Turning with chisels on a Unimat by Bill Sevebeck
  • Case-Bound Bookbinding in Miniature by Jane Bernier