TSC Vol. 05 Issue 4



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Contents of this issue include:

  • The Cover: A Sitting Room in Summer (1875) by Jim Dorsett;
  • Making Your Own Scale Lumber by Jim Jedlicka;
  • Becoming a Momenticist by Charles Claudon;
  • An Eastlake Secretary (Conclusion) by John C. Reppert;
  • An Improvised Eastlake Couch by Helen Dorsett;
  • Master of Disguise: Some Rules to See By, by Madelyn Cook;
  • Kits and Pieces (Part 1): Chest and Mirror Kit Bashing with X-Acto’s Laser Cut Parts by Madelyn Cook;
  • Beginner’s Workbench: Modern Table and Chair by Helen Dorsett;
  • Hand Turning Tools by John H. Murphy


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