TSC Vol. 02 Issue 4



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Contents of this issue include:

  • Detailing a Federal Period Row House (Part 1);
  • A Bed-Sitting Room: Artistic License in Miniatures (Part 2) by Barbara F. Bluman;
  • A Thoroughly Modern Tuxedo Sofa by Helen Dorsett;
  • When Pedigree is Important: Modifying A Reallife Wing Chair by Helen Dorsett;
  • The Cabinetmaker’s Shop Manual: The All-Purpose Shaper/Saw Table by Bill Sevebeck
  • Sultan’s Garden: A Scale Silk Oriental Rug by Donna Korb
  • Model in a Minute: Plastic Pipe Patio Furniture
  • Lighting Shadows to Scale by Jim and Harriet Jedlicka


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