TSC Vol. 06 Issue 3



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Contents of this issue include:

  • A Period Room from the 40’s: The Cover Room by James Dorsett;
  • The Franklin Fireplace/Stove by John Gray;
  • “Faking” a Sideboard by James Dorsett;
  • The Slicer: Chopper Modification, Part 2 by Jim Jedlicka;
  • Master of Disguise: Glitches and Twists in Needlework by Madelyn Cook;
  • Half Inch Bed Step (c. 1810) by Helen Dorsett;
  • Kit Bashing a Settee from Some Queen Anne Chairs by Bill Miler;
  • A TV for Hand Tools by Helen Dorsett;
  • Photographing a TSC Cover by Don Massie;
  • The Scratch Tool by Jim Jedlicka


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