TSC Vol. 17 Issue 1



(Note: these are large files and downloads will take a while.)

Contents of this issue include:

  • Harmonious Confusion: Oak Rolltop Office Desk by James Dorsett;
  • Molding and Machining a Bombe Base by Tom Steiger;
  • Farmhouse Cream Separator by Ruth Armstrong;
  • 19th Century Blanket Box by June Simpson;
  • Southwestern Furniture (Conclusion) by Peter F. Westcott;
    • Bench;
    • Wall Shelf;
  • Billiard Tables in Half-Inch by William S. Miller;
    • Pocket Billiard Tables;
    • Pocketless Billiard Table;
  • Models in a Minute:
    • Shaker Step Stool by Wayne Lasch;
    • Child’s Rocker by Helen Dorsett;
    • Niddy-Noddy by Tam Brooks;
  • 1” Scale Measurement Conversion Chart


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